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Safety and health of visitors, as well as all tour operators, come first at MOTORATIA d.o.o. travel agency. We therefore adhere to and implement all measures and recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

We confirm this by using the following logos:

– national Safe Stay in Croatia logo, meaning that we apply Safe stay in Croatia protocols;
– Safe Travels logo for safe travel at world level (world standards of health and hygiene care adopted)

General rules for entering the Republic of Croatia

To make your border crossing easier and faster, we advise you to submit your information in advance via This will prevent additional delays at the border crossing as the border police will already have your data. At the road border crossings Bregana, Macelj, Rupa and Plovanija there are special lanes for guests who have filled in and submitted the Enter Croatia form before arrival.

After you register on https://entercroatia.mup.hryou will receive an announcement certificate and all necessary information related to the instructions and recommendations of the CNIPH to your e-mail address.

Travellers who do not submit their data in advance via the above app, may still do so at the border crossing when entering the Republic of Croatia.

On the European Commission website,  information on travelling within the European Union, condition at border crossings and all available transport and tourism services in the Member States can be obtained in real time.

All the latest information and instructions can also be found at the following links:


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