Motoratia Experience

With Motoratia you will start from the center of the rose wind and from on every way will be the right way.

About us

Motoratia is primarily desire, love, freedom, motorcycles, diversity, adventure and adrenaline. Through many years of thinking and shaping in mind and on paper, the Motoratia travel agency was created. We have brought all of it to life and took it closer to everyone who has the courage and desire to get to know Croatia through a motorcycle helmet.

Impeccable organization, licenced tour guide, support vehicle with a backup motorcycle is just a small portion of the big idea that we’ve thought of, so that we could provide you with unforgettable two-wheeled experience. It is up to you to indulge in the charms of Croatia which will be shaped into an adventure and long-lasting friendship. With Motoratia you will start from the center of the rose wind and from on every way will be the right way.

We are proud of our great team that is in the background, and is a crutial part of Motoratia/they are a crutial part of Motoratia. They will help you organize your experience from start to finish and beyond.

In Motoratia you can trust because our moto is that the experience is unforgettable and eternal.

Tour Leader

Zoran Šijakov
Zoran Šijakov

Zoran has been a motorcyclist for over 30 years and has been around motorcycles since he was born. There was always some father’s motorbike at home, so he couldn’t run away from them even if he wanted to. He is a lover of all types of engines. Enduro, touring, choppers, old timers, custom and even sports.

Later, probably with age, he became more and more interested in touring or maxi enduro, but his 40-year-old motorcycle is still in his garage. Disassembled, more precisely, in the processing phase. He likes to “play” with tools, but new ideas very often slow him down and prolong the final completion of processing.

That love for motorcycles is so strong that even a serious accident, right on a motorcycle, failed to diminish that love and take him away from motorcycles.

Zoran is a classic Rock’n’roll freak! He enjoys fierce and fast music, but also a light ride. He has learned the hard way where the boundaries are and says there is now much less desire to defy them.

Through the story with him, you will learn that he often gets lost, but he also enjoys it because he always discovers something new. A new road, a new and different village, some new people with whom he often gets stuck in a long conversation.

Although he has traveled all over Croatia, he still enjoys discovering some new hidden roads and will be very happy to show everyone these hidden parts of Croatia.

Company info

MOTORATIA d.o.o. travel agency
Zatišje 8a, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Entered in the Court Register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb
Company registration number: 081370712
OIB:   21602254887
VAT ID 21602254887
Tel.: +385 1 3745 911
Faks: +385(1)3776066